Ed Rocha graduated from the International Bible Institute of London and is currently pursuing his master’s degree in theology. During his time in London, Ed received a strong impartation and experienced the Holy Spirit in a powerful way. This prophetic encounter prepared him to receive a direct impartation for the healing ministry from Randy Clark, Ed’s spiritual mentor and father, in 2005. After this impartation, Ed began to see healings, signs and wonders flow in his life and ministry. Today Ed ministers all over Brazil, North America and Europe. His revival meetings are marked by a Strong presence of God, words of knowledge, healings and powerful impartations. Ed and his wife, Dani, live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where they are planting a church under the Global Awakening Network.


For more information about Ed Rocha and his ministries, please visit www.edrocha.org. Also, whatever illness you may have had, if you were healed at any point as you were reading this book, Ed would like to hear about it so that he can rejoice and celebrate your healing with you. Please send your testimony to info@edrocha.org.